Big, or small, there are plenty of fantastic ways you can create a garden that you and your family will love – no green thumb required! All you need is an idea of what you want to achieve, a bit of planning and preparation, and you can have an outdoor space that’s the envy of the street!  

Consider how you would like to use your garden

The first step is to decide how you would like to use your garden. Do you want a new entertaining area for the summer months, or a family-friendly outdoor space that has something for the grandkids? Or would you like to incorporate both?

Creating a purpose for the garden is your key to success, because when the time comes to sell potential buyers will need to imagine themselves enjoying it too. Consider what features will suit both adults and children, as entertaining the entire family is the best way to add the most value.     

Feed your ‘landscaping’ imagination

Once you have a functional plan for your new garden, it’s time to seek out some inspiration. For some great visuals, search for garden ideas on Instagram or garden inspiration Australia on Pinterest. Or alternatively pick up the latest gardening magazine. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel afterall.   

Fun and frolics for everyone in the backyard

Make sure your garden or yard is usable by every member of the family and offers plenty of outdoor fun – that way you’ll be encouraged to spend more time in the garden, together.

Garden features for kids

If you have a sloping backyard, why not put in a hillside slide, a half in/half out trampoline or mini zipline.

Garden features for adults

An infinity pool is also perfect for a section requiring different landscaped levels, and a step down fire pit, with built-in seating, is a definite winner when it comes to desirable outdoor features.

You could also add some interesting elements, for young and old, with sensory footpaths, a secret garden, a vertical vegetable plot or even a rock climbing wall.

And don’t forget to be creative with the materials you incorporate – think railway sleepers, recycled wine barrels, large boulders, and colourful pieces of pottery for a DIY mosaic pathway.    

Make sure your garden is low maintenance

When it comes to planting, it is important to remember that many people are time poor these days – and while most love having a nice garden to look at, it is the maintenance required that could put them off. So if you want to ‘future-proof’ the value of your new outdoor space, choose easy-care plants that grow well in the Sydney climate.      

DIY gardening can be rewarding – but know your limits too

There’s a lot work involved in building your own backyard masterpiece. So, it’s important to understand where you capabilities end, and where you’re better off calling in a skilled tradesperson.

Depending on what kind of earthmoving is required, you may need to hire some machinery, and it doesn’t hurt to have someone experienced to driving it and better still take any excess garden debris away for you. There’s no point spending a whole weekend trying to complete a task that could take someone a couple of hours.

If, however, expanding your skills is something that excites you, there’s always the option of attending a short course or two, to improve your DIY know-how. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home, with online training provided by our local Hills District renovation experts at the Three Birds Renovation School.  

Gardens aren’t just about growing flowers they are an extension of our home, and by incorporating features that can be enjoyed by family and friends, you’re sure to have a property that will appeal to many when it is time to move on.

DIY garden makeovers to add value to your Hills home

Jane Booty, Tony Didd and team

Jane Booty, Tony Didd and team

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