The Sydney Metro Northwest train line is one of the hottest topics around The Hills District with the proposed line connecting residents from as far out as Cudgegong Road through to Cherrybrook, with Sydney’s existing northern rail network. But what benefits does this rapid transit line bring to local homeowners?

Areas around the eight new Sydney Metro train stations are already seeing major changes. Rezoning laws now allow medium and high density dwellings, namely apartment blocks in the immediate vicinity of the rail corridor, but the streets further back from the new stations will retain their green spaces, large property blocks and highly-rated schools.

According to the North West Rail Link Corridor Strategy, it’s expected around 27,000 new homes will be developed along the train route, taking the number of dwellings from around 11,000 in 2012 to close to 39,000 by 2036. The proximity of these new apartments to the rail line will be a real boon for first time home buyers, as reaching the city and other parts of Sydney will become a lot easier – in fact this rapid transit line is set to cut current commute times in half.


Map source: page 13, North West Rail Link Corridor Strategy

Explore Sydney Metro’s interactive map for facts about each station and see videos of the tunnel excavations.

Sydney Northwest Metro brings benefits for current homeowners

For those of us who live in The Hills District, it’s mostly good news. The biggest difference will be the time it takes to get into the CBD, with a trip to Martin Place trimmed down to between 32 minutes (from Cherrybrook) and 48 minutes (from Cudgegong Road) – no matter what time of day we travel. The extra bodies on the trains will also lead to fewer cars on the road, easing congestion and the effect of traffic jams on journeys.

Another benefit is the ease of more local commutes, making shopping centres and other local facilities (especially around Rouse Hill, Bella Vista and Castle Hill) a lot easier to get to if you don’t want to drive or worry about finding a parking spot.

Perhaps the biggest boost for homeowners is that the property market in the area has seen a huge swell in home buyer interest, which has led to increased property values – something that’s likely to continue into the future.

“We’ve already had good price rises and very strong buyer interest in the area, ever since the railway project commenced.” Tony Didd, Stone Hills District

There’s been strong home buyer confidence across The Hills District, and our belief is that it will boom even further when the new train line is near completion. Cherrybrook, Castle Hill and Bella Vista are already highly desirable suburbs, but we expect the desirability of homes in Kellyville and Rouse Hill to increase creating further Hills Shire property hot spots.

Who’s looking to buy property in The Hills?

With a huge boost in population predicted for the area, there’s sure to be an influx of people from all stages of life. The apartments will be mostly snapped up by couples and professionals looking to make the most of the short commute to the CBD for work purposes or to the various business parks (including Norwest, Chatswood and North Ryde). Sydney Metro is planning for trains to run every four minutes during peak times, which is fantastic.

“Families will be attracted to our area due to the large blocks, the good schools and the green space.” Tony Didd, Stone Hills District

We also expect to see growing interest from home buyers with suburbs further away from the train line, which will be led by families, or young couples looking to settle down and start a family. With a predicted 49,500 new jobs to be created by the Sydney Metro Northwest rail link, many residents won’t even have to go all the way into Sydney city for work. Suburbs like Kellyville and Rouse Hill which are rich in space and new amenities will become locations in much higher demand.


People will continue to move to the Hills Shire region because of the large blocks of land, quality of our schools and the green space. The Sydney Metro Northwest train line will give families the ability to buy their ‘forever home’ while allowing working parents a palatable commute to and from Sydney’s employment hubs.

The most desirable streets in the Hills Districts

“Anything (retail, home or amenity) within easy walking distance will become highly desirable.” Tony Didd, Stone Hills District

While the streets closest to the new train stations have already been rezoned (or are awaiting final approval), many have already had planning permission submitted for apartment blocks and other forms of retail and commercial developments. Although nothing’s certain, it’s likely that the streets just beyond these, within a 1 to 2 kilometer radius, that have lower density zoning are going to attract a lot of additional home buyer interest too.

Properties within easy walking distance of the new Sydney Metro train stations will become highly desirable. Streets in Castle Hill such as Fishburn Crescent, the New England Estate and Bounty Avenue will benefit, and the First Farm Drive and Ulundri Drive areas will continue to increase in popularity as the rail launch date approaches, making them not just close to Castle Towers but also the train station.

It’s not just Castle Hill and its new apartment developments that will see growing interest. With eight stations planned, each of these areas has streets that will become more desirable because of their location.

In Bella Vista, the newer homes in the Balmoral Road and Fairway Drive areas will enjoy easy access to both stations at Norwest and Bella Vista. In Kellyville, Samantha Riley Drive and surrounding streets, like Riverbank Drive and Macquarie Avenue, will be popular.

Cherrybrook Station is positioned to provide easy access to Cherrybrook, particularly around John Road and Robert Road. On the opposite side, Glenh ope Road and the adjacent streets will gain a significant advantage.

As the Rouse Hill train station, called Cudgewong Road, is situated in the centre of town, new developments in and around Rouse Hill Drive, all the way up to Sanctuary Drive will have the benefit of a reasonably level and easy walk. The Ponds, a new suburb established in 2007 has been designed with the Sydney Metro Northwest train line in mind, so the town planning has been well thought out.

Did you know these other interesting facts?

Driverless trains

There will be 22 trains on the Sydney Metro Northwest line and they will be a new breed of driverless trains, mirroring rapid transport trains used in Hong Kong. Passengers will be able to go up to the front of the train and enjoy the view a train driver would normally experience.

See what the new trains will look like:

Heritage discovery

While excavating around Kellyville, the remains of a forgotten 19th century pub, the White Hart Inn, was found. Sitting beside Windsor Road, the inn was a popular stopping off point between Parramatta, Sydney and Windsor once upon a time. Artifacts such as keys, toys and ceramics have been uncovered.

Airport link

Although nothing has been decided yet, there are proposals to extend the line from Cudgegong Road to link up with the new Badgerys Creek Airport. Should this development go ahead, it adds another benefit and strengths the reasoning for people living in or moving to The Hills District area.

Sydney Monorail

The Sydney Monorail may seem like a forgotten relic, but it’s truly part of the new rail link. Sixty steel beams reclaimed from the monorail system have been refurbished for use in the North Sydney Train Link.

Sydney Metro Northwest rail bring many benefits

Whether you’re planning to stay in The Hills District or you’re hoping to up sticks and make a profit on your property, there are plenty of benefits to having the eight new Sydney Metro train stations. The reduced commute time and reduced congestion on the roads will go a long way to making the area more desirable, and bring in additional work opportunities and more accessible entertainment options for Hills District residents to enjoy.

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Banner image sourced from Sydney Metro website.

Homeowners benefit from the North West Rail Link

Jane Booty, Tony Didd and team

Jane Booty, Tony Didd and team

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