We’re truly excited to talk to you about our move to the Stone Real Estate group, and how this change benefits you, our clients.

Why did we make this momentous change?

We’ve been in business for over 24 years, all of them with our previous real estate franchisor. Over the last two decades, we’ve won every major award, some more than once.

We’d reached the pinnacle of what the franchisor had to offer and we were asking ourselves, “Where to from here? How can we grow our business to deliver an even better, premium real estate service to our clients?”

So, when we were introduced to Stone Real Estate, we were keen to hear what they had to offer businesses like ours.

Stone Real Estate values align with ours

What we discovered was that Stone Real Estate has a brand ethos of hard work and perseverance, and delivers only the highest quality services to their clients – a culture we could align with.

We’ve always worked on the premise that consistent and high-quality marketing campaigns, alongside strong sales expertise and hands-on help, will get the best results for our real estate clients when selling a property.

“Stone’s core values of hard work and putting clients first aligns with our customer service ethos.”

Stone’s core values align perfectly with ours: to provide services such as home stylists, furniture removalists, house cleaners, landscapers and tradespeople, ensuring every aspect of selling a property is covered.

Each marketing package is tailored to the individual home, and sales staff communicate with clients on a daily basis, supporting the decision making needed through every step of the sales process.

Attracting high-calibre people to real estate

With its fresh, innovative and progressive brand, Stone Real Estate attracts highly qualified real estate professionals ‒ people who are experienced and agile enough to take advantage of exceptional marketing and time-saving technology.

With support from Stone’s in-house recruitment team, we can tap into expert help in attracting top-quality real estate talent. For you, our clients, this means you’ll only work with people that are high-performing agents and able to offer a more complete service.

To our own agency, we’re delighted to welcome Paul Mylott, a real estate industry veteran. Alongside his expertise in business strategy and financial management, Paul is well regarded as an accomplished real estate sales mentor, with many of his mentees going on to build successful careers and businesses of their own. Already Paul is helping us bring best practices into our business and helping our sales agents to be the best negotiators they can be.

the hills district Our move to Stone Hills District

A fresh start with new real estate technology

Stone Real Estate is a boutique brand, built from the ground up over recent years. All operating systems have been chosen based on them being the best in class and using modern, forward-thinking technologies. What this means for you as our client is more intuitive and faster interfaces that save both you and us time so we can both spend less time ‘doing’ and more time ‘negotiating’ on your behalf.

More collaborative culture

The Stone Real Estate model is different in that we all cross-promote client properties. So, instead of us relying on our single agency database, which we’ve built over the last two-and-a-half decades, you’ll gain access to the entire network database, as it’s a centralised pool of buyers and renters into which all Stone offers can tap collectively.

“The Stone Real Estate centralised database increases our reach to find buyers beyond The Hills.”

This means we have far greater market reach than do most other real estate agencies. Stone Real Estate agents and agency teams are encouraged to work together as one single business, not as individuals competing against each other. So as a valued client of ours, you’ll reap the benefits of not just one agency but an entire network pulling together to help you achieve your desired real estate goals.

Better quality of training

Another asset to our business is Peter Malouf, a highly regarded real estate trainer and formerly Head of Training at McGrath Estate Agents. Stone Real Estate has made a significant investment in in-house training, with Peter at the helm, ensuring that our staff remain highly skilled in their respective real estate roles. Peter’s remit is to unlock each individual person’s potential and to instil the Stone Real Estate culture of sharing and mentoring, so each agent or staff member is confident that they can help their clients achieve their real estate objectives and lifestyle goals.

Our mantra is that we don’t want star agents; we want a star team. This high-quality training ensures we achieve that goal, and continue to deliver exceptional service to you.

Innovation in technology

As I mentioned before, the Stone Real Estate systems and website have been built using cutting-edge features, so we can incorporate all the bells and whistles to your property campaigns, such as photo panorama virtual tours and online enquiry forms that respond to buyers or renter questions with immediate answers. All of these save you time and enhance your sales experience alongside that of your target audience.

In addition, our high-quality library of resources allows us to share innovations so we learn from other agents’ and offices’ wins ‒ and everyone across our real estate network gets to shine.

the hills district Our move to Stone Hills District

Superior property marketing

If you’re planning to sell your property soon, our new marketing tools will set you apart from the herd. Below are our favourites:

3D floor plans raise the bar and give buyers a better sense of volume and space.

Photo styling™ – Kitchen is a fabulous new tool that allows you and potential buyers to see how your kitchen could look with new colours, flooring, countertops and cabinets.

Furnish™ is another tool we love. It enables buyers to virtually furnish a room in your home to understand how their living space would look and feel.

Photo panorama™ VR is yet another brilliant tool that enables buyers to virtually walk through your home, wherever they are in the world.

Property management innovation

We also have a raft of new tools to streamline our property management services and bring a whole new level of expertise to our team – delivering more convenience and peace of mind to landlords and tenants alike.

We continue to take care of the important face-to-face activities like inspections and tenant vetting. New property technologies, though, now make it easier for both prospective tenants and our property managers. Properties managed under Stone Real Estate gain access to an online enquiry system to make bookings to view properties, submit online rental applications and much more. These forward-facing features help us not only to reach more tenants but also, to adjust the rental price based on demand.

Stone Real Estate head office support

Stone specialises in property management, admin and marketing, and the systems are designed specifically for the Australian real estate market. Stone’s level of specialisation and support means we spend less time on mundane administrative tasks and spend more time helping our clients, list, sell and lease.

A brand and a group to be proud of

Our move to Stone Real Estate allows us to offer our clients the kudos of a prestige real estate brand that will attract more discerning buyers. We’re happy that Stone gives us the best of both worlds ‒ group backing with the independence of a boutique brand ‒ so we can continue to deliver the premium service our clients have grown to expect.

The collegial nature of the Stone Real Estate group means we’re part of a larger team with one goal: to ensure our clients get to live their dream lifestyle.

We invite you to call one of our sales or property management team or call in to meet us in person at the office so we can share how working with Stone Hills District is the smart choice.

Our move to Stone Hills District: what it means for you

Jane Booty, Tony Didd and team

Jane Booty, Tony Didd and team

Whether you live in The Hills or are looking to move into The Hills District, there’s nothing we love more than helping people with Hills Shire homes! Caring and considered, our real estate agency doors have been open for 23 years, so we’re very much part of the fabric of The Hills District community.

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