When selling your home, a strong marketing campaign is essential, particularly in a crowded real estate market. With multiple websites, screens and social media accounts competing for our attention, your property campaign needs to know who its target audience is, and speak directly to them. So what are the elements of an effective marketing campaign?

Every home is different, and a skilled real estate agent will know exactly what your property needs to reach its target audience. Some elements – such as three-dimensional floor plans – will work well for off-the-plan apartments and retirement developments. Others, such a video walk-through with music, are perfect for evoking an emotional connection to a ‘dream home’.

When marketing a home, here at Stone Hills District we have developed a range of tools that we believe set us apart, and will choose a combination for every property. These include:

Professional photography and video

With buyers now searching for homes online and deciding which ones to view based on what they see online, visual presentation is critical. This is why we employ professional photographers to produce magazine-style images of your home.

Great photos are essential for any property, from a one-bedroom apartment to a family home, and our experienced photographers will ensure these show your property in the best possible light.

Video production is great for driving online traffic to a home and something we can create expertly here at Stone Hills District. We also use panoramic images to enable potential buyers to clearly visualise the space.  


We produce both two- and three-dimension floorplans so buyers know exactly what they are looking at. With three-dimensional plans, house hunters can visualise how rooms look before they visit the home and have a clear idea of volume and space. This ensures they are already familiar with the house before visiting, and build a connection to it. These floorplans are especially useful with larger homes when it’s not always clear from photos how the different areas are linked, and for off-the-plan apartments and retirement homes when a physical walk-through is not possible.

Three-dimensional floorplans also allow overseas and interstate buyers to understand homes, increasing the likelihood that they will buy them without being physically present.  

Social media

We use social media when marketing homes to ensure the greatest possible reach, and also to allow house hunters to share details of the home with friends and family. This includes posting on Facebook and Instagram, to reach potential buyers who already follow us and may just fall in love with your property. This works alongside emails to our established database and ensures we reach as many people as possible.  

Digital renovation and styling tools

Many of us have seen a house we like online and started mentally rearranging the furniture and repainting the walls. At Stone Hills District we allow buyers to take this one step further, with digital tools to repaint, re-do the kitchen cabinets and benchtops, and rearrange the furniture.

It’s all about allowing people to create their dream home, building that all-important emotional connection and helping them along in their decision-making process by giving them a clearer picture of what they are looking at. This is particularly useful for homes with renovation potential or neutral new-build properties that will allow buyers to add their own style.

Knowing the audience for your home in the Hills

Here at Stone Hills District we have extensive experience in selling local homes, and know exactly how to promote your particular property. As our auctioneer, Stuart Benson of Benson Auctions always says, you need to “trust in the process”.

When devising a marketing strategy, we will draw on previous campaigns – what worked, what didn’t – as well as the factors that make your home unique. By conveying these features enthusiastically to our clients through our marketing and then in face-to-face meetings, we gain their trust as informed experts on the properties we have available.  

An experienced local agent is the best person to advise on the current buyer pool and what marketing elements you do or don’t need depending on your individual property. Talk to us today.

The winning formula for marketing your Hills property

Jane Booty, Tony Didd and team

Jane Booty, Tony Didd and team

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